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We, A&T Services INC are focused on Computer and Computer accessories rental services. Located in New Delhi since last couple of years, we have a huge experience in the computer rental sphere. Ever since our establishment we have experienced a dramatic growth in our business, and today we have established ourselves as seasoned professionals in the arena of computer and laptop rentals. Our all inclusive services in the rental sphere include – Computer and Laptop renting, Annual Maintenance, 24X7 support for any or every technical issue, Networking support, Computer and Laptop hardware maintenance, Computer and Laptop accessories rentals and maintenance, etc.

At A&T Services Inc it does not matter what is the IT requirement, we are committed to best answer for all your requirements. We offer rentals to both private and government workplaces. We at A&T Services Inc are leading rental providers of all brands in computer accessories consisting of computers, laptops, printers, networking equipment, keyboards, both flat and box monitors, and other supporting devices. We offer all our devices and accessories on the basis of requirements made by our customers. We also offer customisation of the rentals as per the demands made by our clients and all at very competitive prices.

About Company
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Computer Rental for Homes/Personal Use:- A&T Services INC offers computers rental for your home needs as and when the demand arises. Many students who have just started working on computers or have just started learning can opt for rental services. Parents of learners generally don’t prefer to spend big amount on new purchases for kids during their student life. Then rentals come as a big help for them. We charge on a daily, monthly and hourly basis. Customisation of services is also available, based on the requirement of our clients.

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We provide best in class services with 100 % customer satisfactions

100% Satisfaction

Our Policy is to work with our clients with proper business Management Procedures for better service. We are always happy to work with our client for their work with satisfaction. we are providing after sells support via mobile application and on-call support. We resolve your issue on Remote access and home visit as well. We have 100%, satisfied customers.


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Computer Hardware
Excellent service by A&T Services INC. They are very prompt and the support team is truly wonderful
PC an Mac computer rentals
A & T services is one of the leading company in computer rentals. We are providing PC and Mac computers on rent. These all are imported good quality personal computers.
Laptop rentals
Good condition and tested with our Company. Hurry up!!
We are providing tablets on rent.
Tablet on rent
We are providing refurbished computer with good condition and guarantee.
Providing data security by telephonic support
We are providing after sells PC repairing facility as well. This can be done in two ways either by a mobile application or by an on-call appointment.



We provide high quality & cost effective services

Our mission is to support and customize all your rental needs, so that you can have trouble free enviournment to achieve your goals with minimum cost.

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More than 50 expert Engineers

Our moto is to provide fatest service to restore systems in case of any breakdown. Our Engineers reach our client within 4 hrs of complain log.

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Specialized in high configuration systems

Our goal is to provide high performance latest configuration Laptops, Desktops and Servers . Our premium rental services are designed for IT companies, top BPOs, corporates, KPOs, bankings ect. industries.

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Sept, 24th 2018

Why Refurbished?

Refurbished computers are computers that have been previously returned to a manufacturer or vendor for various reasons like not sold in the market or new launch of a product. Refurbished products save you money without compromising on quality. Furthermore, these items go through rigorous inspection and are safe and reliable. While refurbished products are typically unused, the outer packaging or the box which holds the product may display minor signs. These products are cleaned by high-quality cleaning kits and look like a new one. A refurbished computer, laptop or any product is usually a lot less expensive than buying a similar device new. You can save up to two third of the total price of a new one. The basic difference between a second-hand product and a refurbished one is really simple. Used (second-hand products) one is simply the used one no testing, no quality check parameters and one the other hand refurbished products are tested and verified to function properly.

Oct, 2nd 2018

Refurbished VS Used

The basic difference between a second-hand product and a refurbished one is really simple. Used (second-hand products) one is simply the used one no testing, no quality check parameters and one the other hand refurbished products are tested and verified to function properly. refurbished products like a laptop, computers are company returned ( product replaced ) products which are mostly unused or slightly used. Thus they have minimal signs of use and look like a new one. Even companies like Apple, Dell itself have a section of refurbished products.

01 Nov, 2018

Possible Future Hologram Smartphone Concept

Your future smartphone could be entirely voice activated, displaying your text messages and other info with holograms. At least,the ideal smartphone concept is a touchscreen-less smartphone. French designer Jerome Olivet, ditches the typical smartphone display and instead the voice activated phone will project holograms from its camera to show you messages, or let you watch videos. The core of the device is molded aluminum alloy, the outer shell is a "gelatinous, supple and natural envelope that perfectly fits in your hand.". Alo will come with an AI assistant that will respond to users voice commands and learn each users speach patterns.